Raw Bean is all about compelling reasons to go the extra yard when making your weekly coffee choices, because life’s too short to settle for second best.

Raw Bean is a bold coffee outlook based on the stubborn, uncompromising musings of coffee obsessive Alex Cox, a genial, easy going individual on most subjects, but a particularly pernickety soul on the all-important topic of what makes a truly outstanding cup of coffee.

Raw Bean is all about keeping things simple and never being distracted from the main mission, which is to encourage fine coffee enthusiasts to politely overlook the well stacked shelf of perfectly acceptable everyday offerings and instead choose something with a little extra wow!


  • Perfect Pods are 100% aluminium Nespresso®* compatible Capsules.
  • Coffee Bean Bags
  • Coffee Beans
  • Ground Coffee
  • Decaffeinated


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Telephone: 07427 692459

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